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Hi I'm Lucy

I am a qualified Transformational Coach who works both privately in my own business & within the NHS.

I help adults & young people aged 11-19 who struggle with their mood & self esteem to improve their confidence & positive self talk so they can feel more in control and lead a happier life


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Shoana- Client in Australia
''Lucy truly shifted a life's worth of limiting beliefs within me, and then activated my power all within one hour.''


Holly- Client in Australia

''Her intuition when I couldn’t find the words or even as I received my gift knowing where I placed it and what it looked like before I’d even said anything, is mind blowing & magic. I’ve felt so much internally shift already, so much baggage dropped, my mind is quieter, more peaceful. I feel safe, heard & seen. I feel a new confidence I haven’t felt before. Thank you for walking me home, Lucy, my heart feels revitalised and ready to step into the next phase of life more aligned than ever. I love you.''

Jessi- Client in Holland

''So grateful for you and all that you do and what you did for me and what we've done together. I have journalled some reflections of 2022 and over and over again our sessions came up. You were such a big part of my year I couldnt have done it without you. I am the person I am now because of you so thanks Lucy! You are a light 🌞''

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