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What we believe in:

We are an inclusive organisation and we have special interest in supporting young people with neurodivergence such as ADHD & Autism.

Our environments are sensory friendly and supportive of your child's development. 




It is important for us to treat each other and ourselves with kindness. This is something we passionately teach our young people.


We believe services should be accessible for both neurodivergent & neurotypical children. At Reason 4 Being we make our sessions sensory friendly, stimulating and adaptable to suit all little brains.


We believe respect is important to all ages, we want our young people to feel seen, heard & respected in their thoughts, feelings & experiences.


We strive for our young people to feel safe to be their authentic selves. We pride ourselves on being able to bring young people out of their shells so they can shine and feel confident in who they are.

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