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Samantha Testimonial

Samantha attended a Meditation Workshop, here are her thoughts.

Being guided by Lucy was like being held in a hammock full of magic, while also remembering that this magic is infact me. Lucy's voice is a gift her earthy tones expand your heart while grounding you. Within my experience Lucy was able to also connect with what was happening in my magical meditation which gave me a sense of true presence within her work & gifts. Truly a pleasure to be guided & held by Lucy & her powerhouse of a voice. Lucy holds you while you deepen your connection with self, mystery & magic. Thank you for holding such a powerful session.


Jessi Testimonial

Jessi is a client in Holland, she is training to be a coach. This is her journey 5 sessions into our 6 month program

I found Lucy at a time where I was not excited for life, every day felt the same and I was losing hope. I was doubting if it was worth it to spend so much money on myself but I realized that there is nothing else more valuable to invest in. Already after the first reading she held for me I felt my hope coming back and after our first healing session together I felt myself shifting into a new direction. She taught me things that seemed simple but were so effective in ways I can‘t really describe. It felt like magic and it worked. Every session she knew exactly what I needed in that moment and would feel right for me. She shifted my energy just by being there and I felt her support and love. Only three months in and I am already a whole different person than I was before. I found and am showing up more as my true self, I am hopeful again and I am excited for life even if the moments where I don‘t feel well or alone (which I rarely do anymore). I am forever grateful to have Lucy by my side and still can’t believe the magic she brought into my life.

holly testi.png

Holly Testimonial

Holly is a client in Australia who is deeply spiritual. This was Holly's experience after just one session.

Now I’ll tell you some of my story 🌸

My healing session I had with Lucy was monumental! I’ve done a lot of healing already around issues connected to my late Aunt who’s death was just over 40 years ago (I never knew her but have always heard of & felt a connection with her), so I was a bit surprised when she came up again as we tended to matters of my heart. But Lucy brought peace and calmness to explore it further and get deeply into my subconscious connections with her, turns out due to the brutal nature of her passing I was carrying a fear of safety & need for protection. Cue relationships with beautiful men that were macho/lads but very incompatible with my heart & desires. I’d never been able to pick what they were mirroring in me, I thought I must have had a really deeply untapped aggression & was inherently bad despite my kind, gentle self I’ve always known. Turns out the mirror was more so what I was fearful of and felt incapable of doing for myself : protection and safety. 

​Lucy guided me back into my heart and helped me see this clearer, she helped me release this fear of inadequacy to defend myself and a bucket load of sadness & grief for my Aunty and for myself. I connected with my Aunty, forgave her, thanked her, shared messages with her & received a gift from her which I’ve since had many synchronicities of. The thing with healing like this is you are the one finding the answers & proof, but it’s the guidance of someone incredibly attuned like Lucy that creates a safety net, a sound board, trust and brings so much love to the space you’re diving into. Her intuition when I couldn’t find the words or even as I received my gift knowing where I placed it and what it looked like before I’d even said anything, is mind blowing & magic. I’ve felt so much internally shift already, so much baggage dropped, my mind is quieter, more peaceful. I feel safe, heard & seen. I feel a new confidence I haven’t felt before. Thank you for walking me home, Lucy, my heart feels revitalised and ready to step into the next phase of life more aligned than ever. I love you.

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Lucy Testimonial

Lucy is a client in Australia who had a healing session with me

My session with Lucy was truly amazing! She holds space in such a beautiful and profound way. We moved through and released unprocessed emotions, did womb healing all in a hour! I don’t really have the words to articulate the depth of this experience and what it touched in me. I felt a complete relaxation of my nervous system, like a long awaited coming home. Deeply healing and supportive, I am so grateful to Lucy for facilitating this incredibly magical experience. And so excited to see how these shifts are embodied moving forward.

sarah session.png

Sarah Testimonial

Sarah is a client in the UK and work in the coaching world. I worked with Sarah for 6 months

''My journey with Lucy so far...what can I say!?

Fucking divine magic is what it is!

I started out seeing Lucy every 2 weeks and at first there was a lot of letting go of shit that's been holding me back - it was intense but so satisfying to really face up to parts of myself that were old and stagnant and ready to be left behind. I felt like I was stepping into a new version of myself.

Every time I left a session, I'd get so many downloads and messages from the universe, everything was aligning and opportunities were coming in thick and fast. As I began to level up so quickly we dropped sessions down to once a month to allow greater time for integration between sessions. As I'm in the midst of the biggest transformational period of my life (thanks to the work I've done with Lucy so far), the monthly sessions are now allowing me to stay grounded in this epic fucking time. I'm having bigger realisations - not just meeting, but BECOMING my high priestess, as I come home to myself, my soul and my purpose on this planet.  I still have two more sessions with Lucy but the work has just been so phenomenal. I've been on my own spirtiual journey for a few years now but Lucy has made it safe for me to level the fuck up, clearing blockages and opening up my world go greater possibilities than I ever imagined. This work is like nothing else. It clears through the shit and brings you home to YOU.''

Another testimonial from Sarah-

Lucy was wild! I always go into our sessions not really knowing what to expect and today I was feeling particularly emotional. Lucy taps I to this straight away and what unfolded was like coming home to my tribe, stepping into my feminine energy and feeling like I can achieve absolutely anything. What Lucy can help you achieve in just an hour is insane and each session I see another layer of myself unfold as I step further into my power. Thank you for being with me on this wild ride! ✨

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Sarah Testimonial

This is Sarah's thoughts of the intuitive reading I did for her. 

My 30 min soul reading with Lucy absolutely blew me away. She was able to pick up on exactly how I was feeling and give me some clarity on why I have been feeling this way. The messages she gave me were so reassuring and really gave me the courage to pursue my dreams. After attending a few different workshops with Lucy that were also incredible, I'm now so excited to start 1-1 healing sessions to go deeper and reach my full potential. For anyone on the fence about working with Lucy, I promise you won't regret it. You are truly gifted, thank you!


Anonymous Testimonial

This is the journey of my client who I worked with for 3 months. She would like to be kept anonymous but here is her journey...

I’ve just finished my 6 week course with Lucy and I can’t explain the difference I feel. When I started I was miserable, had very little self confidence, and was unhappy in my relationship. Lucy broke down barriers and helped me focus on what was holding me back… the biggest thing being my relationship. It wasn’t that I didn’t love my husband, just that I didn’t love myself enough to stand up for myself and force myself and him to be accountable for our actions. Lucy bought back out my confidence and I voice concerns to my husband. 3 months on… I’ve never been happier. We have an amazing relationship where we can openly speak our minds and voice concern without judgement. I am so thankful for Lucy helping me overcome those barriers holding me back. I feel so much more confident in myself and have learnt how to, respectfully, say no and hold my own boundaries. Thank you Lucy for giving me that back. I wish I could make a miniature you and keep you in my pocket xx

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Emily Testimonial

This is Emily an Australian clients review of one session we did together, it was pretty emotional & magical.

I went into my session with Lucy with a huge weight on my shoulders, feeling as though my life light was being drained out of me. She guided me through an inner child healing session in which I was returned to my safe space and was able to release an anxious attachment to my parents which had been draining my energy. She refilled me with love and light and held a warm space the entire time. I left the session feeling like I was floating all while wrapped in a warm embrace of a cocoon. The session was a huge weight lifted and I have felt a whole new space open up to welcome in love and light. I was left speechless not expecting such a huge shift within an hour, thank you Lucy, your power with finding the source of emotional and energetic drainage and removing it is incredible. Forever grateful for our session.


Shoana Testimonial

This is Shoana, an Australian clients story of session we did together, this one was HUGE!

The session that I had with Lucy was beyond anything I could ever explain, she took me through a HUGE clearing and then guided me through reactivation and true connection with myself I feel like I will be benefiting from this for days. She spoke so beautifully and was so connected into my energy, it was a beautiful container to be in and the permission I was given allowed me a safe space to truly step in to my true power, thank you, thank you, thank you. Lucy truly shifted a life's worth of limiting beliefs within me, and then activated my power all within one hour.


Georgia Testimonial

This is Georgia an Australian clients experience after just one session.

Lucy is wonderfully MAGIC! She has a beautiful way of making you feel safe and held so that you just want to open up to her and be vulnerable. I went into the session blocked off from my sensual High Priestess energy, Lucy was able to clear my shadow around this, allow my High Priestess energy to be set free and to get answers from her about the changes I needed to make. By the end of the session we were both buzzing with electric sensual energy! I was so open and so ready to receive and to step into my full self. Lucy allowed this to happen! I love her energy! I love her gifts! Lucy you are phenomenal!


Cloe Testimonial

This is Cloe's experience after one of my meditation workshops

Oh my god…. I literally felt like I was floating the whole time!! When I came to I had pins and needles and just felt so light!
I still feel like it now!!! I just feel like a massive weight has been lifted and a real shift has happened 💕💕
I can’t thank you enough, that was the BEST meditation I have ever done. I feel incredible!! Xxx


Grace Testimonial

This is Graces experience after a intuitive reading she booked.

My reading from you was absolutely 👏🏽 spot 👏🏽 on👏🏽
Firstly I just adore your approach to readings, I felt so safe and comfortable in the container you set and how compassionate and embodied you were delivering a channeled message and guidance for me. I’ve listened to it again and picked up new pieces that resonated to deeply. I’ve just booked another 90 minute session to dive even deeper into this. Thank you so much.


Martha Testimonial

This is Martha's story after our first session together. We were working together over 3 months! Martha is a UK Client.

Well fuck. That was incredible. My first session with Lucy was so powerful, I feel completely invigorated. We did the most incredible meditation and it was so powerful I manged to get rid of a huge barrier holding me back and we invited the most incredible safe energy in. I already feel like the healing process has begun. This money was so worth it, I didn't know what to expect but I am in awe of this work and how it has left me feeling. Thank you so much!!


Amy Testimonial

This is Amy's experience of a Psychic Reading. Amy is  New Zealand Client.

Lucy is literal magic, I received a channelling session from her where she tapped into my energy so perfectly that she was able to put together the things that I hadn't been able to articulate myself. I received a full breakdown of what I need to do to balance my energy and body to fully step into my soul purpose. She gave me key business advice that set the trajectory for me to unlock my own greatness. Since working with Lucy I have been so motivated and aligned, my life has been flowing with ease and abundance that I didn't know was possible. I'm so grateful to have worked with Lucy and for the tools that she gave me to create my best future.


Samantha Testimonial

This is Samantha's experience of a meditation workshop I did. She lives in Australia.

I attended a meditation workshop with Lucy. The first one included a high priestess activation which gave me the courage and self love to wear a bikini for the first time in public for over 6 years, and a beautiful bold bright dress i'd usually never wear for a night out fully embodying my high priestess. My energy felt next level and my vibration was so high.


Laura Testimonial

This is Laura a UK  clients experience of a PAST LIFE session we did on an illness called endo she suffers with.

My past life session with Lucy literally rocked my soul. I have suffered from a long term pain condition which took me to my lowest ever points and after being told surgery was my only choice, 3 surgeries later, I had just committed myself to a life of pain, frustration and sadness. I knew there had to be something else I could try but I was scared. Scared that it might uncover something that would make me feel worse or uncover something I didn’t want to face. But Lucy talked me through the process of what to expect and made me feel so safe going into the past life session. It was electrifying and vivid. My body felt everything. My body was shaking but at peace at the same time. I was able to let go of the sadness, anger and frustration, through lots and lots of tears. I was able to say goodbye and let go, and felt immediate acceptance. I felt reassured, and so so full of hope. My body suddenly felt capable of so much. My thinking was clearer than ever and I was more productive than ever. If there’s anything you have hanging over you in your life, or if you have any doubts, talk it through with Lucy. She guides you through the process so gently. She provides a safe space, and leaves your mind, body and soul feeling restored. Lucy is such a calm and reassuring person. She eased me into opening up about things that perhaps felt slightly uncomfortable, and in doing so, helped me see them in a completely different way. After just one session, I felt empowered, confident and strong, and when Lucy read me back my affirmation quotes, it made me very emotional. She has such positive energy and is extremely empowering.ying my high priestess. My energy felt next level and my vibration was so high.


Megan Testimonial

This is Megan's story from working together.

I am so glad I reached out to Lucy to help me change my work circumstances which I was struggling with. Working closely with Lucy I was able to talk through what my key values were, face my issues and change this for the positive.
My biggest challenge was to realise that my work life balance was worth fighting for and she gave me the courage to change this by speaking up and starting a chain of events which changed my circumstances for the better.
Lucy has been great and possessed the many skills to help me to reach a place which I am now so much happier.
Best thing is that now I have been through this process, I can use these skills to help coach myself moving forward through any other circumstances.


Charlotte Testimonial

This is Charlottes experience of session during a tricky time in her life.

I attended a session with Lucy during a challenging time in my life. Before the session I felt down, lacking in confidence and was anxious. Throughout the session, Lucy was warm, welcoming and was able to put me at ease straightaway. Because of this, I felt able to open up to Lucy with ease and felt that she created a safe space. As part of the session Lucy guided me through a healing meditation which I found to be really useful and something that I hadn't experienced before. Afterwards I felt that a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I would recommend Lucy to anyone. She had a great deal of experience, she listened to my needs and had my best interest at heart. This session really had a positive impact on my life. 

lucy test.png

Lucy Testimonial

This is Lucy a UK client's journey from 8 weeks of coaching. She is a coach.

Lucy has been absolutely incredible!!! I started coaching with lucy in May. I signed up for 8 weeks and wow!!!! What an incredible journey I’ve been on. I had a big breakdown in February due to bullying and loosing my complete identity! I was suicidal I was on medication and had tried counselling but it didn’t work! In those short 8 weeks I’ve gone from feeling so low about myself and feeling like I can’t be who I want to be to starting my own business!!! I have completely transformed. I’ve allowed myself to listen to my intuition and trust it again. It’s been that incredible I’m signing back up for a further 12 weeks to keep me accountable in my business and my mindset! I will forever be grateful to lucy and how amazing she is! If you have any doubts just do it. Get on that call and allow yourself to transform!


Kirsty Testimonial

This is Kirsty's journey from a number of coaching sessions. We managed to work through trauma she held for over 30 years.

I felt immediately at ease working with Lucy and enjoyed her ability to build rapport quickly, enabling you to get the most out of the session.  Lucy listens well, questions what support you need and helps clarify your coaching goals. In the session, I explored a role play technique Lucy suggested and I felt it was a really powerful way to support an issue I felt I have carried with me for over 30 years! This had an immediate positive impact on my confidence challenge and now feel I am better equipped to deal with situations I have previously found challenging - brilliant!


Acacia Testimonial

This is Acacia a UK client, we worked together for over 8 weeks and the transformation was insane!

Oh my!!!! I've just finished 8 week one to one coaching sessions with Lucy and the transformation within myself is incredible!! I signed up to the coaching because I felt lost, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and I felt like something was holding me back from believing in myself and living my dream life. Lucy was down to earth, listened, was open and honest, it felt like I was just talking to a friend!! I've grown in confidence, I've learnt to control my anxiety and not let it take over and rule my life. I'm excited for my future, I believe in myself and I know I can do anything I want!! If you are hesitant and feel stuck, book your introductory call with Lucy, you will not look back! Trust me!!

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