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The story behind the business...

Ever since I was at school my passion always lay in psychology.

When I reached my 20s I started to develop a vision of having a centre for people to go to who struggle with their mental health. (Something that is a long term goal)

However like many people I struggled academically & the school system just didn’t work in my favour. I was encouraged by my psychology teacher to go down a vocational route...

I went to uni to study events management because I didn’t think I was capable of excelling in the therapy world (lol).

When my final year at uni came around I experienced a traumatic event which affected my mental health. In a way it was a blessing as I ended up choosing to do my dissertation on mental health events and luckily I had a tutor who encouraged my passion. (He still emails me now and is proud of where I’ve got to).

My dissertation was a hoot, my tutor was applying for it to get published and I managed to get a 76% in my grade compared to a 48% in my business assignments.

From here I decided to screw everyone else and started my career in mental health.

Since then I’ve worked as…

1) A mentor to kids affected by gun violence in America

2) I’ve mentored kids out of education due to their mental health

3) I’ve worked in young carer charities hosting workshops

4) I’ve worked as a career advisor to adults struggling with their mental health helping them pursue their dreams

5) To getting qualified as a transformational coach & setting up my business helping women across the world from Germany, Holland, New Zealand, Australia, America & the U.K.

6) I’ve travelled the U.K. hosting workshops at festivals for over 40 people

7) And I’ve worked as a support coach to coach in Australia in a group coaching program

It’s been a wild journey but I’m so excited to continue this work into 2023 offering accessible therapy for adults & young people who struggle with their mood & self esteem. Supporting them to build their confidence & positive self talk.

& I CANT WAIT to start sharing the journey with you!

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