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Meditation Subscription

A meditation subscription designed to support your mental health, improve your confidence and let go of negativity.

Meditations are a beautiful way to soothe your nervous system and support your psyche to break away from old patterns of negativity and move towards a more positive way of life.

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See what Laura a Health Psychologist says about my meditations...

''I’m a Trainee Health Psychologist and the benefits of using meditation are often cited in the work we do. I’ve used so many meditation platforms, apps and websites, but none of them seemed to work for me. I either struggled to focus, or felt like I was focusing too much, and therefore didn’t get any benefit. But since finding Lucy’s meditations, I have felt first hand all these benefits that we read so much about! Lucy’s meditations are far better than any I’ve done before. My mood is lifted, I feel rested, I feel focused, I feel empowered and most importantly I feel so much more in tune with myself. It is so important, now more than ever, to silence the noise and meditate, and Lucy’s meditations are amazing for this.''


What's included in the Meditation Subscription:

Inside this subscription you get access to over 20 healing meditations that are proven to improve your mental health and support your growth to a more happy & confident future.

Types of meditations inside the subscription:

- Self esteem meditations

- Energy shifting meditations

- Gratitude meditations

- Relaxation meditations

- Stress relief meditations

- Spiritual meditations

- Body connection meditations

- Sensuality & women empowerment meditations


How does it work?

You sign up to the subscription at £11.99 a month and then you get access to a private page where you can access the meditations 24/7. You can also put in requests for other meditations you'd like added and I will review the suitability.

Here it from the clients themselves:

  • Meditations

    Every month
    Sign up to my meditation subscription
    • Unlimited meditations designed to support your mental health

Sign up now!

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