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Sarah Testimonial

Sarah is a client in the UK and work in the coaching world. I worked with Sarah for 6 months

Sarah Testimonial

My journey with Lucy so far...what can I say!?
Fucking divine magic is what it is!

I started out seeing Lucy every 2 weeks and at first there was a lot of letting go of shit that's been holding me back - it was intense but so satisfying to really face up to parts of myself that were old and stagnant and ready to be left behind. I felt like I was stepping into a new version of myself.

Every time I left a session, I'd get so many downloads and messages from the universe, everything was aligning and opportunities were coming in thick and fast. As I began to level up so quickly we dropped sessions down to once a month to allow greater time for integration between sessions. As I'm in the midst of the biggest transformational period of my life (thanks to the work I've done with Lucy so far), the monthly sessions are now allowing me to stay grounded in this epic fucking time. I'm having bigger realisations - not just meeting, but BECOMING my high priestess, meeting my angels and spirit guides (and seeing them much more clearly than I was 5 months ago when I first met Lucy), and communicating with the coven of witches who are supporting and protecting me as I come home to myself, my soul and my purpose on this planet.  I still have two more sessions with Lucy but the work has just been so phenomenal. I've been on my own spirtiual journey for a few years now but Lucy has made it safe for me to level the fuck up, clearing blockages and opening up my world go greater possibilities than I ever imagined. This work is like nothing else. It clears through the shit and brings you home to YOU.''

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