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Holly Testimonial

Holly is a client in Australia who is deeply spiritual. This was Holly's experience after just one session.

Holly Testimonial

Now I’ll tell you some of my story 🌸

My healing session I had with Lucy was monumental! I’ve done a lot of healing already around issues connected to my late Aunt who’s death was just over 40 years ago (I never knew her but have always heard of & felt a connection with her), so I was a bit surprised when she came up again as we tended to matters of my heart. But Lucy brought peace and calmness to explore it further and get deeply into my subconscious connections with her, turns out due to the brutal nature of her passing I was carrying a fear of safety & need for protection. Cue relationships with beautiful men that were macho/lads but very incompatible with my heart & desires. I’d never been able to pick what they were mirroring in me, I thought I must have had a really deeply untapped aggression & was inherently bad despite my kind, gentle self I’ve always known. Turns out the mirror was more so what I was fearful of and felt incapable of doing for myself : protection and safety. 

​Lucy guided me back into my heart and helped me see this clearer, she helped me release this fear of inadequacy to defend myself and a bucket load of sadness & grief for my Aunty and for myself. I connected with my Aunty, forgave her, thanked her, shared messages with her & received a gift from her which I’ve since had many synchronicities of. The thing with healing like this is you are the one finding the answers & proof, but it’s the guidance of someone incredibly attuned like Lucy that creates a safety net, a sound board, trust and brings so much love to the space you’re diving into. Her intuition when I couldn’t find the words or even as I received my gift knowing where I placed it and what it looked like before I’d even said anything, is mind blowing & magic. I’ve felt so much internally shift already, so much baggage dropped, my mind is quieter, more peaceful. I feel safe, heard & seen. I feel a new confidence I haven’t felt before. Thank you for walking me home, Lucy, my heart feels revitalised and ready to step into the next phase of life more aligned than ever. I love you.

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