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Meet your mentor

Lucy is our lead mentor & is the founder of Reason 4 being.

Lucy is a highly qualified Coach & Mentor who also has ADHD. She has a passion for early intervention in young people.

Lucy wants to help build positive, resilient and confidence young people so that they can shine in their own unique way as they get older.

She is also the proud owner of Izzy her labradoodle dog. Izzy is kind, gentle and little quirky like her owner. She is allowed in sessions with permission.

What clients have said about Lucy:

''Lucy is warm, kind and really easy to talk to''


'' She is very bubbly and funny''


''She taught me things that seemed simple but were so effective in ways I can‘t really describe.''

''Only three months in and I am already a whole different person than I was before. I found and am showing up more as my true self, I am hopeful again and I am excited for life even if the moments where I don‘t feel well or alone (which I rarely do anymore).''

''I feel a new confidence I haven’t felt before.''

''Lucy broke down barriers and helped me focus on what was holding me back…''


  • Animas Centre for Coaching- Transformational Coaching Diploma

  • Relationship Psychology Diploma

  • Level 4 in Children & Adolescent Mental Health Coaching Diploma

  • Level 2 Safeguarding Children and Young People Certificate

  • Level 2 Understanding and Supporting Grief and Bereavement Certificate

  • Introduction to Risks and Challenges in Childhood and Adolescence

  • Understanding and Supporting Emotionally Based School Avoidance

  • Understanding and Supporting Self-Harm

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