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Adult Coaching 

Coaching designed to improve your mood, build your confidence & develop your positive self talk so that you can feel happier in your life. Whilst learning the tools to make a consistent change in your life.

If you struggle with any of the following:

  • Negative self talk

  • Negative thinking

  • Feeling confident about yourself & your body image

  • Mild- medium anxiety, depression & low mood

  • Feeling good about yourself

  • Feeling stuck & overwhelmed in your life

  • Feeling like you aren’t living to your full potential

  • Low self esteem and poor confidence 

And if you currently feel any of the following:

  • I feel low which stops me doing things I know will feel better

  • Like it might not be possible for me to get better

  • Emotional

  • Anxious

  • Overwhelmed

  • Unhappy in my life

  • Annoyed with myself that I can’t just be happy and confident like others

Then coaching could be exactly what you need!


You could go from this, to...

  • Becoming increasingly confident and happy in who you are

  • Like your life is worth living 

  • On a clear path to feeling more fulfilled in their self and their life

  • Feeling comfortable managing your emotions

  • Feeling content in your life

  • Feeling happy & enjoying your time alone

  • Being more capable of managing your highs & lows 

  • Accepting of your unique individuality 

  • Feeling like you have purpose

  • Feeling good enough & strong

  • Feeling more self love

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See what my client Jessi said after 6 months of working together:

Jessi- ''
So grateful for you and all that you do and what you did for me and what we've done together. I have journalled some reflections of 2022 and over and over again our sessions came up. You were such a big part of my year I couldn't have done it without you.
I am the person I am now because of you so thanks Lucy! You are a light.''


Together we can...

  1. Establish what the issue is & where it comes from

  2. Learn practices to build inner confidence and positive self talk

  3. Put these into practice & be held accountable for not doing it

  4. Start to fall more in love with yourself & see yourself more clearly 

  5. Learn about yourself and the future you'd like to have


In my approach I use a combination of coaching & meditations to support you to achieve your goals.

Meditations are proven to calm your nervous system, reduce your anxiety & improve your mood.

When you are constantly stressed or anxious it takes its toll on your nervous system causing issues in your body. Such as panic attacks, nervous breakdowns/ tension, tearful moments, digestive issues, acne, depression and more. When your nervous system is off set it can physically affect your body.

By combining coaching & meditations I can not only help you improve your mindset but also your physical and emotional welfare. Making it easier for you to achieve your goals.

Effects can be noticed after just one session but best results are seen when you consistently do the work.

Jessi my client said it herself:

'Every session she knew exactly what I needed in that moment and would feel right for me. She shifted my energy just by being there and I felt her support and love. Only three months in and I am already a whole different person than I was before.''

To enquire please book a get to know you call to learn more about working with me, alternatively please email at

How does it work?

Together we will work together over 6 weeks with weekly Zoom sessions. Every session is 45 minutes long.
£35 per session

Once you graduate the 6 weeks you can either continue sessions or move to bi-weekly or monthly sessions for going support. I always like to encourage clients to book in check ins every few months for on going support.


What's included:
- Every client gets homework tasks- to build self-esteem, confidence, manage mood and more

Recorded meditations to listen to at home to support in between sessions
- Personal check ins & journal prompts to reflect on your progress

- You get the opportunity to come to in person workshops at a discounted rate

- Personalized coaching sessions which are very intuitive. They can either be talking sessions or a personalised meditation.

- Techniques to use at home to learn how to manage your own mental health

Before signing up every person will have a consultation so if my services aren’t the right fit I can refer you

To enquire please book a get to know you call to learn more about working with me, alternatively please email at

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If you struggle with severe mental health issues I recommend you find a qualified and established psychologist & psychiatrist to help you manage your mental health. My coaching is for medium feelings of anxiety & depression issues where you feel like you're treading water and just need a help in hand taking back control of your life. If you feel suicidal, self harm or are finding it hard to do ‘normal’ day to day tasks speak to a qualified professional. If you would like some direction please email me at and I can offer some next steps on how to get help.

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