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A little about me...

​My names Lucy & I'm a qualified Transformational Coach through Animas Centre for Coaching.

Some of the work I have done over the years...

- Mentoring youth aged 11-15  in Chicago affected by gun violence 

- Mentoring young people outside of mainstream education due to severe mental health issues 

- Providing career guidance to adults and young people who are unemployed and looking to follow their dreams and get back on track

- Coaching women globally to improve their self esteem, confidence and release their limiting beliefs through 1:1 coaching, group coaching, workshops and events

- Worked as a support coach in Australia to help women set up their own business and build their confidence through letting go of their self-doubt

- Worked internationally with clients across the UK, Australia, America, Holland, Germany & New Zealand 

- Travelled the UK hosting workshops at festivals for over 40 people

- Worked in the NHS as a Health & Wellbeing supporting people with a wide range of issues & concerns 

I have a real passion for helping people overcome their struggles so they can take back control of their life.

Having struggled with my own Mental Health I have a great understanding of how it feels but also what it takes to support, manage and overcome your issues. As a person and a Coach I am compassionate, gentle, kind and funny (if I do say so myself, I like to have fun with my clients) but I'm also never afraid to push you out your comfort zone. 

If you want to learn more about how you can work with me, I currently work with young people & adults through 1:1 coaching & my online workshop & meditation subscription.


My Coaching Approach:

My particular style of coaching is to listen and reflect to clients what I am hearing from them. This is often super validating and helpful to hear someone else say it! And know it’s not all in your head!

Then I like to question and investigate with clients about what is coming up for them… Usually this involves questions, role play, visualisations, meditations, role reversing to understand perspectives and much more!

My approach is totally intuitive to each client, the only thing I need from a client is an openness and willingness to grow, change & think differently.


Why hire a Coach?

Coaches are similar to a therapists & counsellors in that they offer a space for you to feel listened to and support your mental health. The difference between other therapists and coaches is their style & qualifications. For many, counselling and coaching offer a similar time length in study however the styles vary.


My qualification consisted in over 45 hours of coaching practice, recorded and graded coaching sessions, session analysis essays, self review essays and 5 months of intensive lectures. It is a self paced course but it took me about a year as I wanted to get established whilst having lecturers & support to guide me.


In terms of style, Coaches are goal orientated and ask open & closed questions, use different exercises & scenarios to help move you forward. Counsellors offer a more listening space and hold a space for you to off load & explore. (Every counsellor is different). Psychologists however have 7+ years of therapy to deal with deep routed issues from trauma to severe mental health issues. 

Something I am passionate about is correctly signposting clients to the right help. After a consultation if I don' think my coaching is the right fit, I will always sign post clients to what services will suit them best.

Some people do just want a space to off-load. Some people want to work towards a goal and are ready to take the actionable steps to get there. Others need much deeper support such as CBT, or Rapid Eye Movement Therapy to navigate the trauma holding them back.

It is good to consider what kind of support you need and how you want to get better. If you are curious about my work but are not sure if it is the right fit yet. email me at and we can have a chat to see what your next steps should be.

My qualification certificate 

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